Ieoh Ming Pei has given this century some of its most beautiful interior spaces and exterior forms. Yet the significance of his work goes far beyond that. His concern has always been the surroundings in which his buildings rise.

He has refused to limit himself to a narrow range of architectural problems. His work over the past forty years includes not only palaces of industry, government and culture, but also moderate and low-income housing. His versatility and skill in the use of materials approach the level of poetry.

His tact and patience have enabled him to draw together peoples of disparate interests and disciplines to create a harmonious environment.

Jury Members

J. Carter Brown (Chairman)
Arata Isozaki
Philip Johnson
J. Irwin Miller
Kevin Roche
Thomas J. Watson, Jr.
Carleton Smith (Secretary to the Jury)
Arthur Drexler (Consultant to the Jury)