The Pritzker Prize Jury honors Hans Hollein as a master of his profession—one who with wit and eclectic gusto draws upon the traditions of the New World as readily as upon those of the Old. An architect who is also an artist, he has the good fortune to design museums that are then eager to place within their walls works of art from his hand, whether in the form of drawings, collages, or sculpture. In the design of museums, schools, shops, and public housing, he mingles bold shapes and colors with an exquisite refinement of detail and never fears to bring together the richest of ancient marbles and the latest in plastics. The Jury salutes him as a superb teacher, who urges the young by his example to take big chances and yet make sure that not the designer but the thing designed remains of paramount importance. Unflaggingly, he continues to practice what he proclaimed upon behalf of his fellow architects a quarter of a century ago, at the beginning of his distinguished career: "We give back to man the joy of building."

Jury Members

J. Carter Brown (Chairman)
Giovanni Agnelli
Philip Johnson
Ricardo Legorreta
Fumihiko Maki
J. Irwin Miller
Kevin Roche
Thomas J. Watson, Jr.
Brendan Gill (Secretary to the Jury)
Arthur Drexler (Consultant to the Jury)