Son, grandson, husband, and father of architects, Gottfried Böhm has reason to recognize the nourishment that traditional ways and means provide in architecture, as in all the arts. In the course of a career of over forty years, he has taken care to see that the elements in his work which suggest the past also bear witness to his ready acceptance, whether in the design of churches, town halls, public housing, or office buildings, of the latest and best in our contemporary technology. His highly evocative handiwork combines much that we have inherited from our ancestors with much that we have but newly acquired—an uncanny and exhilarating marriage, to which the Pritzker Architecture Prize is happy to pay honor.

Jury Members

J. Carter Brown (Chairman)
Giovanni Agnelli
Ricardo Legorreta
Fumihiko Maki
Kevin Roche
Thomas J. Watson, Jr.
Brendan Gill (Secretary to the Jury)
Arthur Drexler (Consultant to the Jury)